Yojimbo is a character in GC: IV: Isolation and GC: Last Order. He is also an optional Boss


Kozuka - Sends Knives at the enemy

Washashi - Attacks enemy with a Washashi, can deal up to 99,999 damage

Zanmato - Earned at level 50, attacks enemy with a Zanmato dealing 999,999 damage, or insta-kill's enemies.

Zantetsu - Earned at Level 99, attacks enemy with Full Break, Poison, Darkness, Confusion, Stop, Slow, Dispell, Blind, Zombie, Doom, and rarely Death. Attacks Bosses with 999,999,999 damage

Final Break - Overdrive Mode, all attacks double in damage, and the Masamune is now equiped WITH the Washashi.

Masamune - Only in Final Break, Does 999,999,999,999 (a.k.a MAXIMUM) Damage at full level, and 999,999 Damage at any other level.

Last Rest - Happens after your 4 turn overdrive mode is up, Yojimbo attacks with all swords (Each doing 999,999 damage PER HIT) with 25 hits, then throws the Zanmato into enemy/bosses chest and then does Renzokuken dealing 999 Billion damage TWICE. Which means the total damge is: 24,999,975 for the first set of attacks and then 1,998,656,893,491 Damage!!!!!!!!!!!!

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