Vegnagun is a Superboss in GC. You fight him after you complete the game, go to the meeting grounds and you'll see a telepoter. Go in there and you teleport to Vegnagun's dungeon, you fight Vegnagun.

Boss Stats Edit

Vegnagun's Tail

HP 999,999 Oversoul HP 9,999,999 MP 0 ATK 9,999 DEF 8,998

Vegnagun's Legs

HP 99,999, Oversoul HP: 999,999, MP: 999, ATK: 19,999, DEF: 9,999

Vegnagun's Chest and Arms

(Chest): HP 999,999,999 (No Oversoul), MP: 9,999, ATK: 0, DEF: 5,000 (Arms): HP 99,999 (No Oversoul), MP: 9, ATK: 99,999, DEF: 9,999

Vegnagun's Head

HP: 9,000,000,000 (No Oversoul), MP: 999,999, ATK: 99,999, DEF: 0. Time until world explodes: Ten minutes, thirty seconds.

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