The 100 Trials is a hard dungeon in GC IV: Isolation.


  1. 1st Floor: Shadows
  2. 2nd Floor: Turrets
  3. 3rd Floor: Dusks
  4. 4th Floor: Assassins
  5. 5th Floor: Mega-Shadow and Berserker
  6. 6th Floor: Bodyguards
  7. 7th Floor: Lesser Drakes
  8. 8th Floor: Drakes
  9. 9th Floor: Greater Drakes
  10. 10th Floor (BOSS): Garland and Flame Dragon
  11. 11th Floor: Berserkers
  12. 12th Floor: Red Elementals and Blue Elementals
  13. 13th Floor: White Elementals and Yellow Elementals
  14. 14th Floor: Gold Elementals
  15. 15th Floor: Purple Elementals
  16. 16th Floor: Black Elementals
  17. 17th Floor: Flame Dragons
  18. 18th Floor: Spiders
  19. 19th Floor: All Elementals
  20. 20th Floor (BOSS): Mega-Element
  21. 21st Floor: Lost Warrior (Tidus)
  22. 22nd Floor: Lost Monk (Wakka)
  23. 23rd Floor: Lost Thief (Rikku)
  24. 24th Floor: Lost White Mage (Yuna)
  25. 25th Floor: Lost Black Mage (Lulu)
  26. 26th Floor: Lost Red Mage (Seymour)
  27. 27th Floor: Lost Blue Mage (Kimahri)
  28. 28th Floor: Lost Beast Master (Shinra)
  29. 29th Floor: Lost Samurai (Auron)
  30. 30th Floor (BOSS): Nega-Armor
  31. 31st Floor: Ice Dragons
  32. 32nd Floor: Creepers
  33. 33rd Floor: Creepers and Skeletons
  34. 34th Floor: Skeletons and Zombies
  35. 35th Floor: Zombies
  36. 36th Floor: Wither Skeletons
  37. 37th Floor: Wither Skeletons and Zombies
  38. 38th Floor: Endermen
  39. 39th Floor: Enderdragon and Endermen
  40. 40th Floor (BOSS): Wither
  41. 41st Floor: Ultima
  42. 42nd Floor: Emerald
  43. 43rd Floor: Ruby
  44. 44th Floor: Ultima
  45. 45th Floor: Emerald
  46. 46th Floor: Ruby
  47. 47th Floor: Omega
  48. 48th Floor: Omega
  49. 49th Floor: Nemesis and Paragon
  50. 50th Floor (BOSS): Hellminus Gabe
  51. 51st Floor: Treasure Room (Pick the Chest on the left or else a boss fight will happen with Azi Dahaka)
  52. 52nd Floor: Killer Machina
  53. 53rd Floor: Obiterator
  54. 54th Floor: Masterpiece Machina
  55. 55th Floor: Killer Machinas
  56. 56th Floor: Masterpiece Machinas
  57. 57th Floor: Blaster Machina
  58. 58th Floor: Launcher Machina
  59. 59th Floor: Tank
  60. 60th Floor (BOSS): Chaos
  61. 61st Floor: Darkside
  62. 62nd Floor: Azi Dahaka
  63. 63rd Floor: Twilight Thorn
  64. 64th Floor: Vanitas
  65. 65th Floor: Diababa
  66. 66th Floor: Master Hand
  67. 67th Floor: Crazy Hand
  68. 68th Floor: Both Hands
  69. 69th Floor: Rest Area (Yeah the next battle is that tough)
  70. 70th Floor (BOSS): Crona
  71. 71st Floor: Axel
  72. 72nd Floor: Demyx
  73. 73rd Floor: Larxene
  74. 74th Floor: Vexen
  75. 75th Floor: Lexaeus
  76. 76th Floor: Zexion
  77. 77th Floor: Luxord
  78. 78th Floor: Xigbar
  79. 79th Floor: Xaldin
  80. 80th Floor (BOSS): Xemnas
  81. 81st Floor: Saix
  82. 82nd Floor: Marluxia
  83. 83rd Battle: Xion
  84. 84th Battle: Roxas
  85. 85th Battle: Riku
  86. 86th Battle: Shuyin
  87. 87th Battle: Azi Dahaka
  88. 88th Battle: Azi Dahaka
  89. 89th Battle: Azi Dahaka
  90. 90th Floor (BOSS): Feral Chaos
  91. 91st Floor (BOSS): Jecht
  92. 92nd Floor (BOSS): Sephiroth
  93. 93rd Floor (BOSS): Genesis
  94. 94th Floor (BOSS): Ghetsis
  95. 95th Floor (BOSS): Okkotoh
  96. 96th Floor (SUPERBOSS): SDX#0E
  97. 97th Floor (SUPERBOSS): The End
  98. 98th Floor (SUPERBOSS): Deoxurous
  99. 99th Floor (SUPERBOSS): Vegnagun
  100. 100th (SUPERBOSS): Desperado Chaos

Rest Area with Save and Exit.

Trial π: Weegee



Darkness Reaper

Master Yo-yo



Optional Prizes

Weegee in the Team

Desperado Chaos in the Team

Feral Chaos in the Team

Crona in the Team

Xemnas in the Team

(Other Organization XIII Members) In the Team

Vegnegun in the Team

Tidus in the Team

Auron in the Team

Paragon in the Team

Zanmato (Weapon)

King's Yo-yo (Weapon)

Sultan of Swat (Weapon)

Harmonica (Weapon)

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