Ahriman-Chief Librarian

First Form Artwork.

Sir Ahriman Rhapsodos is the father of Gabe, Genesis and Sephiroth he has two forms and is the final boss of Gabe Chronicles II he got possessed by Demonsword. He is very tough and has a staff and sword. He also can use Stop so have Aero, Aeroea or Aeroega.

Boss StatsEdit

Final Boss: Ahriman First Form

HP: 55,725  MP: 9,999  ATK: 28,921

Final Boss: Ahriman Last Form

HP: 99,888  MP: 9,999  ATK: 44,772

General InfoEdit

|name = Sir Ahriman Colossus Seymour Henry Kano Rhapsodos

|gender = Male

|color = Peach

|eye color = Blue

|species = Colossus

|height = 7'9

|weight = 99.9

|aliases = Master of Destruction.

|friends = Caius, Ganondorf.

|interests = Training, Fighting.

|portrayer = Ahriman 40k

|birthday = 6/6

|family = Ela (Wife), Gabe (Son), Genesis (Son), Sephiroth (Son), Brick (Grandson), Boomer (Grandson), Butch (Grandson), Midna (Daughter in Law), Zant (Brother in Law).  


Ahriman 2nd Form

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