800px-Golden Statue

Okkotoh's first form

Okkotoh is the boss of the Ruined Temple found in the desert in Gabe Chronicles. It is a "massive metallic weapon created to punish intruders." Vanitas overtook it and supplied it with heartless power, giving it more power to battle against Gabe and Co. It is held together by heartless cores in its arms and torso.

When reaching the Boss Chamber of the Ruined Temple, Gabe and Co. find ruined parts of a statue, then Vanitas comes and possesses it, then Gabe and Co. Fight Okkotoh. After defeat it goes up on legs and walks, it chases Gabe and Co. up stairs until he falls off the top by another battle.

Boss StatsEdit

Okkotoh Form 1

HP: 3,871  MP: 1,999  ATK: 1,888

Okkotoh Form 2

HP: 1  MP: 0  ATK: 9,999

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