Gabe ChroniclesEdit

100% Complete Glitch: While Playing the first world, double-jump and then quickly switch to Brick and double jump keep switching and double jumping until you finally reach another... strange world, while here run to the end of the glitched world and use a flash bomb the game will glitch to the end and you will have 99% now complete the game!

Instant Break Glitch: Start the game and mash a bunch of buttons at the title screen you have broke the game

Infinite HP: Die until the last life then attack four enemys in 2 seconds next drink a Health Potion and switch character then finally die you will have X0 lives and 100000000e23-111111?' HP

Title Screen Glitch (need Boss Repeat Code): Go to or make it to the third dungeon, then before fighting Okkotoh fall in the only wide Quicksand spot in front of his door at the far left corner right before Gabe's body can't be shown press the PS4 Button then Reset the game "L1, R1 Start Select" if done correctly you will be in the Title Screen World explore then soon die you will then be able to press buttons again but it's not over if you keep dying or completing places you will continue to break the game finally at the end glitch (The glitch of Twilight World with glitched World 1 music and no Twilight) Fight and Re-Fight Zant hen skip the scene and you will wake up way above Okkotoh's Castle with Everything you obtained in glitch world and three lives and Three Lifebars, meaning you got what you obtained and still had status from glitch world, and fall to the top of Okkotoh's battle triggering the boss if you defeat him the game will reset the data making you have to play it all over again... With 99 Lifebars.

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