Meowstic mistigrix by yonaka pinku-d6p6ra1
Glacies is the brother of Praestringo he is older than her and evolved. He is usually pouting but sometimes he's happy like in the picture

General InfoEdit

|name = Icicle "Glacies" Glacier Boomer Rhapsodos

|gender = Male

|color = Blue and White

|eye color = Blue and Green

|species = PokeMon, Psychic

|height = 2'00 

|weight = 18.7

|aliases = Bruther (by Praestringo)

|friends = Gabe, Reno, Rude, Brick.

|pets = None

|enemies = Vanitas.

|interests = Adventuring.

|portrayer = A Meowstic

|birthday = 1/23

|family = Brick (Owner and Father), Praestringo (Sister)

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