Ganondorf (Super Smash Bros. Brawl)


Ganondorf was Ahriman's best friend until he got possessed by Demonsword, he now is the evil king. He has 4 forms of battle (Not including the Deoxurous battle) and there is only one break in between so use it wisely.

Boss StatsEdit

Final Boss: Ganondorf Dragimire

1st VerseEdit

Possessed GabeEdit

HP: 69,873  MP: 9,999  ATK: 10,983


HP: 79,999  MP: 9,999  ATK: 15,982

2nd VerseEdit

Horseback GanondorfEdit

HP: 49,822  MP: 0  ATK: 19,999

Dark King GanondorfEdit

HP: 99,999  MP: 99,999  ATK: 50,000

General InfoEdit

|name = Ganondorf Dragimire

|gender = Male

|color = Green

|eye color = Red

|species = Gerudo

|height = 7'1

|weight = 99.9

|aliases = Ganon, Dark King.

|friends = Ahriman, Caius

|enemies = Link.

|interests = Conquering.

|family = ???


Ganondorf (horseback)

Ganondorf on his Horse

Ganon (Twilight Princess)

Ganon (Beast)

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