The Excalibur is a blade that appears in all Gabe Chronicles. It has impressive reach but lacks Magic and Strength

Vital statistics
Type Legendary Sword
Effects +2 Strength, -2 Magic, +4 Length.
Source La'Kana's ship.
Cost to buy NA
Cost to sell NA

Gabe Chronicles Edit

After defeating Jecht or the La'Kana Master, this sword forms from the light.

Gabe Chronicles II Edit

This sword is obtained from Genesis after beating him. Even though he carries the true Chaos Ripper

Gabe Chronicles III Edit

The sword is obtained after beating Ghirahim, it forms from a chest after beating him.

Gabe Chronicles IV Edit

This sword appears from Fracktail after his defeat. And if you beat Wracktail, you get the Zanbato.

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