Diababa is a boss in Gabe Chronicles II. She is a gigantic Purpurea with two Giant Babas attached to her.



A Purpurea who was trained by Shinra got cursed by the soul of Omega Weapon with the toxin Shinra also transformed into Almighty Shinra, although HE was defeated. Almighty Shinra and Shinra are now two different people, after Gabe defeats Diababa, Shinra comes and heals it he then pets her. and captures the monster back to his home, he thanks Gabe and Co. for making her more calm and controllible. She then becomes a summon if you talk with Shinra who created a clone for you.

Boss StatsEdit

Boss: Diababa

HP: 5,231  MP: 2,222  ATK: 1,989

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