Demonsword is the last boss of Gabe Chronicles IV - Isolation, he has seven forms and is a very, VERY hard boss. He is the one who possessed everyone, who has brang Gabe to tears, and finally he is fought.


Boss StatsEdit

Final Boss: DemonswordEdit

Form 1: The Sword

HP: 89,999  MP: 9,999  ATK: 6,213

Form 2: Demonsword (Weak)

HP: 128,921  MP: 9,999  ATK: 8,921

Form 3: Demonsword (Average)

HP: 399,981  MP: 9,999  ATK: 10,872

Form 4: Demonsword (Strong)

HP: 555,555  MP: 9,999  ATK: 20,111

Form 5: Stallord

HP: 999,999  MP: 9,999  ATK: 49,211

Form 6: Possessed Crona and Ragnarok

HP: 12,345,678  MP: 9,999  ATK: 69,888

Form 7: Destruction

HP: 99,999,999  MP: 9,999  ATK: 99,999

Themes Edit

Every theme for Demonsword (except Crona) is from Cantus Buranus II

Sword: - Miser

Demonsword: - In Obrem Universum

Stallord: - De Mundi Statu

Crona: - X-Blade Battle

Destruction: - Vitium in Opere





His human form: Destruction

Death Sword's Sword

The Sword: Zanbato

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