Crona is a character in GC: IV he is a boss, and a character in the creature capturer. He is the son of Marluxia and Medusa. And a strong character


Overdirve: Black BloodEdit

Crona's blood has been entirely replaced with "Black Blood' which both protects Crona from physical harm and provides a degree of healing. Ragnarok, originally a normal weapon, was melted into the black blood before the transfusion, which causes their symbotic nature. This also allows them to do attacks using the Black Blood exclusive to them. Since Medusa is Crona's mother, there is potential for him to be able to use magic. Since Marluxia is his father, Crona can use Flower Hurricanes. And equip the Scythe.


  • Attack: Attacks the opponent.
  • Double Attack: Attacks with Ragnarok.
  • Screech Alpha: Creates a huge shockwave.
  • Screech Beta: Creates multiple darkness waves.
  • Screech Gamma: Creates a circle of darkness waves.
  • Screech Delta: Creates a triangular attack that has long-range abilities.
  • Black Dragon: Summons Ragnarok's Dragon Form.

Overdrive OnlyEdit

  • Bloody Needle: Creates multiple thorns created by black blood, more like defense than a attack.
  • Blood Coat: Creates a shield of blood, once again defense not attack.
  • Bloody Lance: Creates a HUGE lance of power, darkness and blood into the opponent
  • Bloody Slicer: Summons a dark scythe to attack with. This resembles Marluxia's power in Crona.
  • Bloody Arrows: Summons dark arrows into the oppoment. This resembles Medusa's power in Crona.
  • Rose Thorn Storm: Summons huge roses, with arrows and thons grown on them. This is the finisher of the overdrive, and is most likely a combination of Marluxia and Medusa's Power into Crona.

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