With the GC series being Video Games, there are obviously some cheats and codes.

Gabe Chronicles Codes:

Skip Cutsences Code: When a cutsence starts press XO Left Down OX and you can skip cutsences.

Constant Boss Battle Code: When you defeat the first boss, Press Pause when you lay the final hit and type in Up Down Triangle Left Start and the boss battle will start over, you now fight all bosses twice

Teleport Code: When you reach Cornelia, go to the well and look in it when you type in how much money you want to donate, text TELEPORT or put in a unreachable Money Zone, like 100,000,000 (Highest 99,999,999). You can now teleport to different places. Note: In these places you always land by a well, and if you teleport to the same place you are in already, the game will freeze.

Flying Code (PS4): Press SELECT SELECT UP UP UP UP UP XO and you can now fly in places.

Flying Code (PC): Press ENTER ENTER UP UP UP UP UP UP & F L Y and you can now fly in places

Kill Screen Code: During the End Credits when 3D Formating shows up mash X like 10 times, it will change to 2D Formating and the words are pixelated, at the very end when SQUARE ENIX shows up a kill screen (Like Pac-Man on the final level) will appear many 1's and 0's appear but a pixelated Line runs into the kill screen and some 1's and 0's turn to letters and other numbers and it says S9U4R3 3N1X (Square Enix) PL4Y 5T4T10N 4444 (Play Station Four) and W41T D15N3Y 1NC0RP3R4710N (Walt Disney Incorperation) as well as player names like: 64B3 (Gabe) M1ND4 (Midna) and R3N0 (Reno).

Gabe Chronicles Cheats:

Shoryuken Ability: Press Pause and do the Konami Kode (UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, X, O, START) you now have Shoryuken for Gabe and Brick

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