Last Order (Left), GC 3 (Middle), GC 4 (Right).

Butch is Brick and Boomer's brother he is the brains of the group and is a good Flutist, he also gained Gabe's trust as a son. He has the power of Earth. He can't talk and he is gay


Butch uses a Flute as a weapon.

Normal AbilitesEdit

Lullaby, Heal, Sleep.

Zany AbilitiesEdit

Lullaby, Sleep, Confuse, Blind, Trance, Earthquake.

Normal OverdrivesEdit

Melody, Earthcage.

Zany OverdrivesEdit

Melody+, Chemical-Z Flute, Sour Note, Apocolypse.

General InfoEdit

|name = Butch Wolfgang Ludwig Rhapsodos

|gender = Male

|color = Peach

|eye color = Greed

|species = Human

|height = 5'0

|weight = 65.4

|aliases = Gay Boy, The Pied Piper of Townsville.

|friends = Midna, Gabe, Reno, Rude, Praestringo.

|pet = Pikachu

|enemies = Ganondorf, Sephiroth, Aizen.

|interests = Adventuring.

|portrayer = Butch 

|birthday = 2/22

|family = Brick (Triplet Brother), Boomer (Triplet Brother), Gabe (Father).

3 doors down - kryptonite (lyrics)03:55

3 doors down - kryptonite (lyrics)

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